Goliath Miniature Book


Collectible high value leather-bound & gold embossed erotic photography miniature book

Photographia Erotica Historica“, a leather-bound miniature book with over 380 pages, gold embossed, and filled with photographic "obscenities" from the turn of the century. A unique, erotic collection of the best book arts. Reminiscent of times when printed nudity still had to be hidden, which may be the case again soon.

A miniature book is a very small book, sized no larger than 3 inches in height. These books became more popular in the last few decades of the 19th century because they were portable and easy to hide. Many are bound in fine leather, gilt and contain excellent examples of woodcuts, etchings, or watermarks. Subjects range from the Bible, encyclopedias, stories, and of course to the desired miniaturization of e:r:o:t:i:c:a:s. Many are now collectors' items, with prices ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of US dollars.

Content: 384 Pages
200 Vintage Photos
Size: 1¾ x 2¼”  · 4,5 x 5,6 cm
Languages: EN - DE - FR - ES - IT
ISBN: 978-3-95730-032-4

Finishing: Hardcover, Leather-bound,
Gold embossed, in Gold-embossed Cardboard Slipcase

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