Your goods will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.
We will provide tracking codes for your delivery by email whenever possible.

In order to be able to continue to deliver worldwide, we have to adjust the shipping costs to the globally significantly increased delivery costs from time to time.

Please understand that we can not ship to U.S. correctional facilities.

Shipping costs* are as follows:
PREMIUM shipping  for some areas available (see shopping cart)

EUROPE 1 (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Czech Republic)
1 or more books          12,90
EUROPE 2 (France, Hungaria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden)
1 book                         13.90
2 or more books          15.90
EUROPE 3 (Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Spain, Malta, Estonia, Finnland, Greece)
1 book                         18.90
2 books                       23.90
3 or more books          25.90
United Kingdom
1 book                         22.90
2 books                       24.90
3 books                       26.90
4  or more books         28.90
NORTH AMERICA (USA, Canada, Mexico)
1 book                         28.90
2 books                       44.90
3 books                       49.90
4 or more books          54.90
1 book                         34.90
2 books                       44.90
3 books                       49.90
4 or more books         54.90
1 book                         22.90
2 books                       32.90
3 books                       44.90
4 or more books          49.90

All books                       free 

*Please note: For special promotions, discounts and heavy books that are not released by Goliath Books we will charge an additional shipping fee (from EUR/USD 3.90 to EUR/USD 7.00 per order) depending on the size and weight of the book/books.

Shipping costs for art prints and other large-sized products
For photographic prints and other large-sized products we will charge an additional EUR/USD 7.00.

Shipping to Correctional Facilities
Because individual rules and regulations of correctional institutes are beyond our reasonable control, we will no longer ship to correctional facilities in the US.