Thank you for your interest in working with us.
The first step is to send us a download link with your material to .

For review and consideration it’s sufficient to send low-res JPGs (approx 1 MB per file) or you can send them in high res right away. In case you prefer to submit images in low res, please make sure they have the same file names when you’re asked to send those in high resolution later.

For all photos you must possess valid and legally binding model releases, and for any nude photographs a copy of the model’s ID for proof of age is required. If we decide to work with you we need you to submit all model releases/ proof of age documentation together with your high resolution material.

For the pre-layout of a monograph, we need as many photographs as possible. The more the better. We pre-edit them to discuss publishing, design and style options.

For Collectors:

If you are the owner of a collection of photographs, but you do not have digitalized files, please get in touch with us for arrangements at .

Don’t send:

- Portfolios, folders, albums or prints.
- Home designed book concepts in PDF-format or pre-printed or photocopied “books”.
- Photos you don’t have full legal documentation for or that do not meet the technical requirements.
- Photos you don’t have in high resolution.
- eMails with big attachments or links to online-galleries, blogs or online communities.

After we have received your submission, one of our editors will get in touch with you for feedback.

Goliath also publishes themed anthologies. If you have photographs, drawings or graphics that you would like to be published along with contributions from others, then follow the guidelines mentioned above. We will sort and categorize all of the submitted photographs and in case of an eventual publishing, you will be contacted. For compilations royalties are paid pro rata; this means the number of your images in proportion to the total royalties.

Thank you for your time and good luck,

All the best,
your GOLIATH-Team