Please note: our conventional catalog is not available at the moment. Instead of the catalog we will send you our new catalog mailing with new releases, offers and our current titles. If you would like to receive it and are not yet on the mailing list, or if your catalog request or order was placed more than 2 years ago:

just send an eMail with your postal-address to info@goliathbooks.com

No shipping of Books & Catalogs to U.S. Correctional Facilities!

Unfortunately we can no longer send catalogs or books to U.S. prisons because our books and catalogs contain some nudity and do not comply with the regulations of U.S. correctional facilities. We are not able to examine the possibilities for every single institution. Please do not try, we will cancel every single order in which a Correctional Facility is shipping adress.     

All Goliath books are available under category "BOOKS" and can be ordered directly.