Dido Fontana


Dido Fontana, born in Italy, 1971. Looking at every kind of images, studying bodies and lifting weights. From fine Art to fashion, while his work may look spontaneous, every detail is carefully planned, resulting in an image technically desired in every aspect from the lighting to the outfit. Recently he has exhibited at the Biennal of Venice and at M.I.A. in Minneapolis along with the bad guys like Warhol, Rauschenberg, Dürer …and many others in the ‘The Art of Murder’ exhibition. Dido Fontana is the personal trainer of photography.

Main Exhibitions

2019   Everyday Life Global Economy and Contemporary Image - Galleria Civica Trento - Museo MART
2019   CAVE CANEM - Boccanera Gallery 
2019   DIDDDO - TOUCH ME! Dido Fontana + Zoe Lacchei_Boccanera Gallery
2019   MIA PHOTO FAIR _Mostra dei collezionisti _Milan
2018   BOMBA_Artrophia_Trieste
2018   ArtVerona_Boccanera Gallery
2018   FROM THE LOVE OF TRUTH | Boccanera+Golab_Milan_IItaly
2017   SMASH&GRAB_Locust Projects_Miami_Usa
2017   Ricordi? by Settimio Benedusi_Milano
2017   ARTVERONA Art Fair_Boccanera Gallery_Verona_It
2017   SWAB BARCELONA Art Fair_Boccanera Gallery_Barcelona_Es
2017   AMEN Boccanera Gallery_Trento_Italy
2016   Cotto al Dente_Butter Gallery_MIAMI_Usa
2015   MIA Minneapolis Institute of Art_Usa_acquisition of photography "Untitled" (Christ) 
2015   ArtVerona_Boccanera Gallery
2015   Artinternational2015_Istanbul_Boccanera Gallery
2015   Stay Stron(g)Z _Boccanera Gallery_Trento-Italy
2014   Unseen Photo Fair_The Lodge with Walls Gallery-Amsterdam
2014   The Art of Murder_MIA_Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2013   55th Venice Biennale@Maldives Pavilion
2012   Walls Gallery-Amsterdam
2012   Deus Dei (super ego) Tenerife-Espana
2011   Didoshow@Veronica Voltolina home-Venice
2011   Didoshow-Zilla-Bz
2010   The Facebook Show Volume 1 MONA_Museum of New Art di Detroit 
2010   Didocentrico-Biffi per l'Arte-Piacenza
2008   Palazzo degli Specchi-Messina
2007   DEPOP - S. Caterina Museum - Tv
2007   The Quest of Fashion - I° place, Photography Price - Pitti Immagine - Florence
2006   Il Sacro e gli Artisti-Tn
2006   Il Sacro e gli Artisti-Chiesa di S.Rocco-Tn
2006   Golden Opportunity-Marx Saunders Gallery-Chicago-Us
2006   L'Altro Festival-Villa Celimontana -Rome
2004   Personal exposition World Trade Organization-Geneva-Ch
2004   Christie's Auction House
2004   Cesi Palace-Acquasparta-Tr

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