David Biene


David Biene lives and works in Berlin as a freelance photographer. After moving to Berlin from the Münsterland region in 1998, he started working various jobs and internships in film and television before his autodidactic hobby in photography took focus. After interning with various photographers, Biene applied to Lette Verein, a vocational school for photo design, and successfully completed his studies in 2003. During his studies, he worked as an assistant for different photographers and already began working as an independent photographer for magazines. His main area of focus is editorial and portrait photography in the field of music, shooting assignments for various magazines and record companies.


08.2016 – The Rollin‘ Eyes Show, group show, Pure and Crafted festival, Postbahnhof, Berlin

05.2016 – OFFstage, solo exhibition, Galerie Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany

05.2016 – Hopped-Up, solo exhibition, Galerie Blaues Tor, Kulturhof Wünsdorf, Germany

09.2010 – Hopped-Up. lecture and presentation, Deichtorhallen/ Haus d Fotografie, Hamburg, Germany

09.2010 – David Biene/ Hopped-Up. lecture and presentation, Photokina Köln, Germany

04.2010 – Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, Künstlerverein Brause, Düsseldorf, Germany

02.2010 – Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, PROUD gallery, London, UK

01.2010 – Hopped-Up. solo exhibition, Galerie Lucas Carrieri, Berlin

06.2009 – Hopped-Up. book launch and solo exhibition, White Trash Fast Food, Berlin

03.2006 – triggertriggerSHOOT!! solo exhibition, Galerie Knoth'n'Krueger, Berlin

12.2005 – Junge Deutsche Fotografie , group exhibition, curator: George Hashigushi, Tokyo, Japan

11.2003 – Bi-rout. Traces Of The Wall, group exhibition, Goethe Institut, Beirut, Lebanon

06.2003 – 2magenta, group exhibition of degree at Lette Verein, Potsdamer Platz Kolonaden, Berlin, Germany

12.2002 – Kunstintervention with the work 'From Her To Eternity.' group exhibition, Chacabuco, Chile


06.2009 – Hopped-Up. 240 pages hardcover book inkl 2 CDs


04.2010 – Hopped-Up gets awarded with the MPC book award 2010, category People, Leipzig, Germany


08.2016 – The Rollin‘ Eyes Show, group show, Pure and Crafted festival, Postbahnhof, Berlin

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