Buki Koshoni


The love for fashion, film and the human form is evident in Koshoni’s artwork, which integrates identity, personality and the body aesthetic. Taking an intimate approach to his subjects, his photography celebrates personal narratives whilst creating images that draw the audience into this visual journey. His imagery interrogates identity, personality and bodily aesthetics, taking a compelling and intimate approach to his subjects. Representing a journey of cultures, genders, ethnicities, sexualities and identities.
After honing his craft at St Martins, London, Koshoni has released a number of books celebrating the art of portraiture, in addition to directing music videos for EMI and Sony Records along with a wide range of commercials and television programs. Passion, courage and creativity have inspired him as a photographer to expand his vision across prints, books and clothing.

"The subject of personal identity has always been an ongoing conversation in my personal life, and through photography, I’m able to capture and explore this dialogue.”


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