Dave Naz


Dave Naz is a photographer of sex and meaning, women and landscape. Innovative and self-taught, Naz has five well-received books with Goliath Press: Lust Circus (2002), Panties (2003), Legs (2004), Fresh: Girls Of Seduction (2006), and L.A. Bondage (2007). His work has appeared in GQ, Maxim, Stern.de, and Salon, and in international collections, including The New Erotic Photography (Taschen, 2007) and Self-Exposure: The Male Nude Self-Portrait (Universe, 2005). Naz's photographs are shown in galleries all over the world. He lives in the foothills above Southern California with his wife, the artist and performer, Oriana, and their menagerie of artwork and animals. 

Solo Exhibitions
2002 – “Lust Circus” curated by Mat Gleason, Coagula Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2003 – “Panties” Perihelion Arts Gallery (Phoenix, AZ)
2004 – “Legs” Sometimes Madness is Wisdom Gallery(Santa Ana, CA)
2005 – “Legs” Clair Obscur Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2007 – “Candids” Todd/Browning Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)
2009 – “Candids” Perihelion Arts Gallery (Phoenix, AZ)

2002 – Lust Circus (Goliath)
2003 – Panties (Goliath)
2004 – Legs (Goliath)
2006 – Fresh: Girls of Seduction (Goliath)
2007 – L.A. Bondage (Goliath)
2010 – A.S.L. (Edition Ruess)
2011 – Butt Babes (Goliath)
2012 – Super Sexplosion (Goliath)

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