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‘CARNAZZA’ Art Shirt

Dido Fontana | Limited Edition

This is not just a shirt.
This is a Fine Art Piece

 …born from Dido Fontana and his shot (one of those he exposed at the Venice Biennal inda 2013) and Ivan Beltrami (olympic track-bike Barcelona and Seoul)…a ‘fetish-body-sport’.

Workout hard, dance, go hunting, ride, growl, love...

Limited Edition of 50
Laser cut
all Made in Italy,
one size fit all (from S small women to L man)
high level lycra

04_pfeil_orange04_pfeil_orange04_pfeil_orange About Dido Fontana

89,00 €

Bitte teilen, wenn's gefällt. Tausend Dank!


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