SEX AND HORROR - Alessandro Biffignandi

Vol. 2 - Alessandro Biffignandi

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The Art of Alessandro Biffignandi

Between the late ’60s and the late ’80s Italy went crazy for “sexy fumetti," a home-grown genre of adult comics with a unique brand of twisted humour, violence, and up-front sexuality. Wilder and weirder than you can imagine, they were some of the most outrageous and shocking comics ever produced, and their eye-catching, highly provocative covers could be seen on every newsstand and kiosk in the country.

One of the most talented and prolific of the cover artists at Edifumetto – the foremost Italian producer of adult comics during this period – was Alessandro Biffignandi, whose work featured horror, fantasy, and sci-fi elements alongside plenty of naked female flesh. This book is a collection of some of the sexiest examples of Biffignandi’s cover art for Edifumetto, which is highly coveted by collectors today.

SEX & HORROR - Volume 2
The Art of Alessandro Biffignandi

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Format: 21,6 x 26,7 cm 
Quality Softcover

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